Level 1 - available only with Part 1 course


Code/Link Target Examples Example(s) using the SHAPE CODING system
CJ1 coordinated clauses with and You cook the pasta and I eat it. CJ1-and-1
CJ2 coordinated clauses with (and) then You cook the pasta (and) then I eat it. CJ2-and-then
CJ3 conjuncts of time: first, next, after that, finally First he brushed his teeth. Next he got into his bed. Finally, he fell asleep. CJ3-first-next-sg-line
CJ4 coordinated verb/adjective/internal noun phrases with and You can eat and cook. He is tired and sad. We like icecream and chocolate. He is behind the cat and the dog. CJ5-coord-and-VP
CJ5 coordinated noun phrases in subject position with and The girl and the boy cook cj5
CJ6 causal conjunct so The ramp is high, so the car is going fast. CJ6-so-sg-line
CJ7 coordinated clauses with but, or You cook but they eat. CJ7 but
CJ8 coordinated verb/adjective phrases with or, but not The pasta is hot but not soggy. You can eat but not cook. CJ8 coord AP
CJ8 coord VP
CJ9 coordinated noun phrases (both subject and object) with or, but not Sam or/but not Pat can come. You can cook pasta or/but not rice. CJ9 coord NP subject
CJ9 coord NP object