CJ1 coordinated clauses with and

Intervention outline

You will need:

  • Toys/small figures
  • Images of people in
  • Purple pen
  • Strips of paper

App settings: Default.

Intervention steps:

  1. Select 2 images. Ask the child to create 1 sentence about what is happening in each image. e.g. The boy is playing football. The people are swimming.  If the child is literate , write these sentences on separate strips of paper.

  1. Placeand‘ between the images and underline it in purple.  Explain you can join the 2 ideas together using a purple word and. Model the coordinated sentence ‘The boy is playing football and the people are swimming.’ and help the child to tell you the 2 ideas joined with and. 

  1. Swap the images/clauses over , leaving and  in the middle and model the new sentence. Explain that it doesn’t really matter which order they go in (as they are unrelated).

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 with further images. Remove written sentence strips, if memory skills allow. Leave and  visible until coordination established. If the child does not use and , be explicit in your feedback. Tell them you heard 2 separate good ideas. Ask them what they can do to join them together. Point to and  prompt.

  1. Consolidate using small toys – ask the child to pick a toy and act out an action. You select another toy and act out a different action.  Ask the child to tell what both toys are doing. e.g. Superman is flying and Hulk is fighting the monster. 

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