CJ2 coordinated clauses with (and) then

Intervention outline

NB This is an interim target for children who do not have enough temporal vocabulary to move onto CJ3


You will need:


  • Toys/small figures
  • Paired sequence cards e.g. boy cleaning teeth/boy in bed
  • Strips of paper
  • and then  prompt card



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Intervention steps:


  1. Select a pair of images. Ask the child to sequence them logically and then create 1 sentence about what happened in each image. e.g. The boy cleaned his teeth. The boy went to bed. If the child is literate , write these sentences on separate strips of paper.


  1.  Placeand then’ between the images.  Explain you can join the 2 ideas together in order using the words and then. Model the coordinated sentence ‘The boy cleaned his teeth and then the boy/he went to bed’. Help the child to tell you the 2 ideas joined with and then. 


  1. Fold back or cover up the and on the prompt card and ask child to say the same sentences using just then. 


  1. Repeat steps 1-3 with further images. Remove written sentence strips, if memory skills allow. Leave and  then visible until coordination established. If the child does not use (and ) then, be explicit in your feedback. Tell them you heard 2 separate good ideas. Ask them what they can do to join them together in order. Point to (and)  then prompt.



  1. Consolidate using small toys – ask the child to pick a toy and act out 2 actions.   Ask the child to tell what happened. e.g. Superman picked up the rock and then threw it at the alien.

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