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Our SHAPE CODINGTM app is designed for teachers and speech and language therapists / pathologists to use with children and young people who are having difficulties producing and understanding English sentence structure and grammar. The app covers construction of a range of sentence types, a wide range of verb tenses, plurals and coordination.

Features include:

  • The app is personalised for each student and designed to be flexible so that professionals can adapt the levels and information displayed to suit the current levels and targets of individual students. 
  • Text-to-speech function, so that students who struggle to read can also use the app.
  • Up to 30 lines that can be stored and viewed via scrolling.

See how the app works

For demonstrations of the app watch these videos 

Choose Your App

Web app – the newest and most flexible version of our app. This is available on this website here and can be used on any device including with screen sharing and remote control. Individualised settings can be accessed from any device on which you login. You will need to be online to be able to use the web app. This works on a rolling subscription basis and we recommend you try the two-week free trial before purchasing a subscription. However, some older tablets may not be able to support the functionality – you can check by clicking here on your device.

For Android and Apple tablets or phones – the app is also available from GooglePlay and the App Store as a one-off download. You do not need to be online to use these versions of the app. However, the app will be available only on a single device; you will not be able to access this on another device without purchasing another copy and then information and settings will not transfer between the two. These versions of the app work on most devices, However, with older devices, we recommend downloading the free Lite version first to ensure compatibility before purchasing the full app.

Try our FREE the SHAPE CODINGTM system Lite app

We recommend that you install the free Lite version to ensure that the app works on your device before installing the paid version

Purchase the SHAPE CODINGTM system app 

Windows app – this is largely superseded by the web app. We recommend that if you have this version, you switch to the web app when your current subscription expires.  

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