CJ3 conjuncts of time: first, next, after that, finally

Intervention outline

You will need:


  • Sequencing pictures e.g.  making a burger, tea, kite etc for instructional language OR
  • A set of photos of the learner making something e.g. craft or tea for retell.


App settings: Default.


Intervention steps:


  1. Sequence a set of pictures.


  1. Create a set of simple sentences to match, e.g.:


Fill the kettle.

Put the kettle on. 

Get a cup and teabag




He filled the kettle.

He put the kettle on. 

He got a cup and teabag


  1. Ask the learner to match these with pictures. Explain that you both can see the order of the pictures but if just using words to explain the sequence we can use ‘extra’ words to show the order.


  1. Select a set of time conjuncts to teach, e.g. first, next, then, finally. (At this stage you could put these into time triangles for emphasis, but they don’t really answer a ‘when’ question, so don’t say that they do!) Use a symbol/sign to support if needed.


  1. Check the learner understands each of the time conjuncts meaning, e.g.

first = 1; next/then = middle; finally = last.


  1. Teach these if necessary.


  1. Write target words on cards and add these to the start of the sentences to practise telling the instructions/process.


  1. Repeat with multiple sequences reducing support.



  1. Repeat steps 1-8 adding in different conjuncts in appropriate contexts e.g. eventually, suddenly, a few minutes later, lastly, afterwards






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