How does the SHAPE CODINGTM app work?

There are several help videos here and demonstration videos here that demonstrate how to use the SHAPE CODINGTM app. There is also a help button (the question mark button) which links to the help videos. These are specific to each area of the app, so please click on the “?” anytime you have a problem. Please look through these as they should answer most of your questions. If your query is more about the SHAPE CODINGTM system itself, you may be interested in one of our courses, or our brief introduction.

I can’t see all the shapes – how can I see more? 

The default settings of the app show a limited number of shapes (so as not to confuse children who are just starting to use the app), but it is possible to add more. If you go into settings you are able to turn more shapes on so that they show in the app. If you have the versions downloaded from the AppStore or GooglePlay, please ensure you have installed the full paid version, as not all shapes are available in the Lite versions.

Can more than one person use the app? 

For the web app, each adult user will need their own account, which can be accessed from any device. Each user can set up multiple students, each of whom can have their own settings and these will transfer between devices.

For AppStore and GooglePlay versions, you will need one app per device, but multiple teachers can have accounts on that one device if they are sharing devices.

My App has frozen – what can I do? 

If you have tried reloading the app and this has not resolved the issue, then please contact us and let us know what device you are using. 

Can I change the accent of the narrator on the app? 

It is possible to use different voices with different accents and this can be set for each child. See the help video on the app within the “Edit Options” area of the Settings (click the question mark). 

How can I transfer my account/information on to another device? 

If you are using the web app, all information will transfer to whichever device you use to login. If you have a version from GooglePlay or the AppStore, your app is installed on your device and there is no connection to the cloud, so all your information is stored on the device and there is no way of transferring information from one device to another. If you wish to be able to access settings on multiple devices, please sign up to the web app here.

AppStore, GooglePlay and Windows versions only

The app is asking me for a username and password. I don’t know what it is?

If it is the first time you have used the app you will need to create a new username and password. You can always create another new one under “create new teacher”. Each teacher has their own set of students. Whenever you login using your username and password, you will be able to see your students and their previous settings will be saved. If you have forgotten your username and password use “admin” in both the username and password boxes click “set password” and change password to a new one. Click “back” (top right) and now login with that new password.

Windows version only

The license for my windows app has expired – how do I extend it?

We recommend that you transfer to the web app, available on this site