Q6 where is for location

You will need:

  • Semicircle shape (plus oval)
  • Individual photos
  • Character toys/small figures

App settings: Default

Intervention steps:

  1. Lay the semicircle shape on the table.

Establish the names of  some character toys or people in photos.

  1. Hide these photos or toys around the room. Ask the child to find one. As they find each one, ask: “Where was X?”

For example, place Batman under the chair. When the child finds Batman,  ask “Where was Batman?” Hold/point to the semicircle shape as you ask. When the child answers: “under the chair”, or points to the location, say: “Yes, under the chair” and write under the chair on the semicircle; colour code the preposition under in yellow.  This phrase doesn’t have to be grammatically accurate at this stage (e.g., the might be missing), just a reference to the location, not Batman himself.

Repeat with the other toys.

  1. To ensure the child understands the difference between oval and semicircle, link with Q1 & Q2 . Lay out two shapes: oval + semicircle. Ask the child to re-hide some toys, e.g. “Batman is under the table. Hulk is in the box”. Point to the oval as you say the subject; point to the semicircle as you say the location.
    • Pick up the oval and ask: “Who is in the box/under the table?”
    • Pick up the semicircle and ask: “Where is Batman/Hulk?”

Ensure child responds with the correct phrase/shape information, not with a full sentence.

  1. Practise finding where phrases in written sentences if appropriate. You could use this PowerPoint.

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