Q1 Who is for a person (subject question)

You will need:

  • Oval SHAPE CODING shape and red pen
  • Individual photos
  • Character toys/small figures

App settings: Default

Intervention steps:

  1. Lay the oval shape on the table.

Pick a photo or toy. Ask the child: “WHO is this?” If the child says a name (e.g. Sara, The Hulk, Batman), write this in the oval; colour code the keyword (e.g. Hulk) in red.

If the child gives another response (e.g. mine, run or No), say: “Tell me his/her/its name”, for example Sara, The Hulk or Batman. Write this in the oval and colour code the keyword (e.g. Hulk) in red. Say: “That’s right, you told me WHO this is.” Say:  “WHO tells us people/names like Mum, Emma, the boy, Superman. Can you think of some more?” Use photos and toys to prompt the child.

  1. Make two toys carry out two different actions, or show two pictures of people doing different actions. Ask “WHO is running?”, “WHO is sleeping?”
  2. Hide individual photos or toys around the room. Ask the child to find each one. As they find them, ask WHO was hiding (in that location), e.g. place Batman under the chair. Ask: “WHO was hiding under the chair?” Hold/point to the oval shape as you ask. When the child answers “Batman”, tick off the name in the oval or place Batman in the oval itself.NB: Do not ask: “WHO did you find?” This WHO relates to the rectangle not the oval.
  3. Practise identifying WHO in written sentences, if appropriate.

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