Q2 What is for a thing

You will need:

  • Oval SHAPE CODING shape and red pen
  • Individual photos
  • Toys/ objects

App settings: Default

Intervention steps:

  1. Lay the oval shape on the table.

Pick a toy  or object. Ask the child: “WHAT is this? If the child produces a noun (e.g. car, the dog, pencil, a sock), write this in the oval; colour code the keyword noun (e.g. car) in red.

If the child uses a proper noun (e.g. Fido or Sanjeev), ask what animal/toy it is and write this in the oval. If this becomes an issue, focus on generic objects only.

If the child gives another response (e.g. minerun or no), offer a forced alternative, e.g. “Is it a car or a sock?” Write the correct response in the oval; colour code the keyword noun (e.g. car) in red. Say: “That’s right, you told me WHAT this is.” Say: “WHAT is for things, such as a chair, a dinosaur, a pencil. Can you think of some more?” Use toys/objects to prompt the child.

  1. Hide individual toys/objects around the room.  Ask the child to find each one. As they find each item, ask WHAT they found (in that location), e.g. place a truck under the chair. Ask: “WHAT was under the chair?” Hold/point to the oval shape as you ask. When the child answers “truck”, place the truck in the oval.NB: Do not ask “WHAT did you find?” – this WHAT relates to the rectangle not the oval.
  1. Practise identifying WHAT in written sentences, if appropriate.

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