NG1 not, no for refusal

You will need:
  • Role play items, e.g. dolls, toy food.
  • Large black cross to indicate not.

Intervention steps:

  1. Through play and real life experiences, teach no / not  to signal refusal or something not happening. Use shake of head, sign or gesture and/or symbol card (large black cross) to reinforce this concept.
  2. Set up role play, e.g. feeding a baby  –  lay out some foods a baby should not eat and a few they can, e.g. milk. Take turns in offering it to the doll/baby. Model refusal, e.g. “No/not the biscuit. Don’t eat that!’  Encourage the child to imitate. Don’t worry if the child says “not eat that”, the focus for now is ensuring they have a way of indicating refusal or a negative.

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