MC3 subject + not + verb

You will need:

  • Toys
  • Oval and hexagon shapes and/or SHAPE CODING app
  • Black not cross cut out

App settings: Default

Intervention steps:

  1. Place a large oval and hexagon in front of the child and take turns to act out (or demonstrate using toys and small figures), a variety of target high frequency verbs, e.g. sleeping, singing, laughing, standing, hopping, sitting, jumping. For example: “Ted (is) jump(ing)”. Use sign and/or symbol to support the understanding/use of each verb. Do not worry about what form of the verb the child uses. Accept all forms of verb use, e.g. sleep, jumping, hop.

  2. Ask the child to act out an example above again, e.g. Ted (is) jump(ing). Now place a large black cross between the oval and hexagon to indicate ‘negation’. Pick another toy who is static and say: “Ben is not jumping”. Emphasize the not with voice/sign and by pointing to the cross.
  1. Ask questions to check/enhance comprehension of who is jumping/not jumping. Now ask the child to show you more toys in a similar manner, e.g. Hulk is sleeping. Spider is not sleeping. Get the child to remove/add the black cross to support negation.
  1. Repeat with multiple examples

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