Q12 how is for manner

Intervention outline

You will need:

  • Flag + oval + hexagon shapes and/or SHAPE CODING app
  • Short action picture/photo sequence
  • Character toys/small figures.

App settings: Default.

Intervention steps:

  1. Lay the oval + hexagon + flag sentence template on the table.

  2. Act out an action/manner with one of the small figures, e.g. Superman is flying quickly. Ask the child what the figure is doing, while pointing to the hexagon. Say: “Yes, flying”. Now point to the flag and ask: “How is he flying?” If the child says quickly or fast, write this on the flag shape in brown.  Say: “The flag tells us ‘how’ the character is doing the action in the hexagon”

  3. Ask the child to act out something else. Ask: “What is X doing?” If, for example, they make a toy kangaroo jump, ask: “What is the kangaroo doing?” When the child answers “jumping” say: “Yes. Is it jumping loudly or quietly?” When the child answers with an adverb, write it in the flag.

If the child gives a non-adverb response, e.g. “Kangaroo, table, off”, give a forced alternative, e.g. “Is X Ying quickly or slowly/softly or loudly/kindly or rudely/happily or sadly”.

  1. Repeat with the other toys and pictures.

To ensure the child understands the difference between oval, hexagon and flag, link with Q1-3. Lay out 3 shapes oval + hexagon + flag. Ask the child to help you make a story by acting it out with the toys or by sequencing a set of pictures, e.g. “Tam is playing happily. Sarah is singing loudly. Tam is stamping angrily.” 

Point to the oval as you say the subject; point to the hexagon as you say the verb and point to the flag as you say the adverb of manner.

Pick up the oval and ask: “Who is playing? Who is singing? Who is stamping?”

Pick up the hexagon and ask: “What is Sarah/Tam doing?”. Pick up the flag and ask:

How is Tam playing/Sarah singing/Tam stamping?”

Ensure child responds with the correct phrase/shape info.

  1. Practise finding the how phrases in written phrases if appropriate example here