NG3 [modal] + not

Intervention outline

You will need:

Selection of characters / toys.

Oval, can/will diamond, hexagon and large black not cross.


App settings:  Turn on modal diamond.


Machine generated alternative text:


Intervention steps:


  1. Through play, take turns to act out (or demonstrate using toys and small figures),  a variety of target high frequency verbs,  e.g.  sleeping, singing, laughing, standing, hopping, sitting, jumping.


  1. Use sign and/or symbol to support the understanding/use of each verb. Do not worry about what form of the verb the child uses. Accept all verb use, e.g.  Sleep, jumping, hop.


  1. Pick two characters / toys . Lay out a basic sentence template and demonstrate the positive sentence, e.g.

“Sam can jump”.  Then put the black not cross between diamond and hexagon and show that the other character can not do that action, e.g. “Mae can not jump”.  Support the child in forming this sentence.

Machine generated alternative text:


  1. Repeat with multiple examples using can.



  1. Repeat using will – set up scenarios , e.g. “Sam will jump off the table / Mae will not jump off the table.”  “Mae will crawl under the table / Sam will not crawl under the table”.






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